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We are experts on the Bernese Mountain Dog breed

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The physical appearance and unique traits to name.

Training the breed

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very intelligent and easy to train.

General Appearance

A long-haired tricoloured working dog, of above medium size, sturdily built, yet agile.

A passionate Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder

We are experts on the
Bernese Mountain Dog breed

All our adults are KUSA-registered and our puppies are released with full registration to their new owners. We take great care to ensure our dogs and puppies are well-looked after, have plenty of space to live and play, and receive optimum nutrition for their individual needs. It is of utmost importance that new owners of puppies are also properly briefed on the puppies' needs, including nutrition, exercise and grooming.

Please browse through the website for more information about our dogs and puppies, and feel free to contact us for information, advice and requests regarding this remarkable canine breed.

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